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Bid on a November rifle whitetail deer, wolf & coyote hunt for 2015 or 2016
Hunting Alberta Canada
Whitetail deer hunting, mule deer hunting, black bear hunting, moose hunting and waterfowl hunting with North Star Outfitters, Alberta hunting outfitters & guides. Specializing in rifle and archery whitetail deer hunts, mule deer hunts, black bear hunts, moose hunts and excellent waterfowl hunts, We know what it takes to put the trophy of your dreams in range and put you on birds like you've never seen!

I have owned my Alberta outfitting business for over 20 years. North Star Outfitting is a family run business. I personally guide whitetail deer hunts, mule deer hunts, black bear hunts, moose hunts and waterfowl hunts. When you book a hunt with us you will be accompanied by a professional hunter who is focused on the specific species you are hunting. With a combined experience of well over 50 years, our guides to know what it takes to make your hunt successful and enjoyable. Our guides are local so we know our neighbours and our hunting area very well. Cathy, who looks after the lodge and all your meals, makes sure you are comfortable and well fed while hunting with us.

We are now offering Moose hunts that you can combine with fall black bear hunts and november moose hunts combined with whitetail deer.

Book your next Alberta Canada Whitetail Deer Hunting, Mule Deer Hunting, Black Bear Hunting, Moose Hunting & Waterfowl Hunting Trip with North Star Outfitters!

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Black Bear Hunting Testimonials

"I have hunted bear with Neil Johnson of North Star Outfitters seven different times. He has never failed to produce excellent bears, I have taken one over eight foot, and several over seven foot. He works hard and does everything possible to provide an excellent hunting experience."
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Mule Deer Hunting Testimonials
I knew on the first day of my hunt i had hit pay dirt, Neil and his guides go the extra mile for their hunters. My first day in the field (all 5 hours of it) i harvested a huge mule deer, body weight 300lbs and a huge chocolate rack. Neil and i were glassing the river bottom and he saw a 160ish mule deer. I was ready to go but Neil said we can do better so i waited (reluctantly) Glad i did because Neil put me on an even bigger deer just a few hours later. That was the first day! On the next day i went after a white tail and had to wait a little longer for a shot at a great white tail ( one whole day) As light was fading on the first day of my hunt a large deer came in following a doe. One shot later my 6 day hunt was over (in two days) and i had two beautiful deer to show for it. North Star is the real deal and i will be back again. The accommodation's are top notch, the people are top notch, and the food is awesome (thanks Cathy). Thanks to Neil and the rest of the team for an awesome adventure that i will never forget.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Testimonials
I Bagged my 1st Alberta White Tail an 8 Point 300# 150"!. That was on the second day of the hunt! I just couldn't pass up a 300# 150" Class 8 Pointer! read more deer hunting testimonials

Waterfowl Hunting Testimonials
I have avidly hunted waterfowl for 47 years and can speak with authority about the sport. Having hunted in Canada 3 other times over the years, the best hunts of my life were provided by North Star Outfitters Every detail was meticulously provided exceeding all expectations and the hunting was second to none. Hats off to Neil, Blaine, and Andrew for a remarkable experience!
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Moose Hunting Testimonials
My wife and I just completed our first hunt with Neil. We had a great time and I harvested my first Alberta moose. It was my wife's first hunt and Neil was incredibly accommodating to make it a great experience for her. The lodge had feeling of home and the food was delicious. I will be hunting here again soon and highly recommend North Star Outfitting. Thanks Neil we'll see you soon. Rusty Reynolds

Alberta Bear Hunting Alberta Canada Black Bear Hunts
Hunt big bruin blacks and colored bears, no bugs, 5 star lodge, eat like a king and sleep like a rock - that's what you can expect when you come black bear hunting with North Star Outfitters!
alberta canada whitetail deer hunting Alberta Canada Whitetail Deer Hunts
We hunt farm land, fringe, and the deep woods, by stand hunting, spot stalk, and driving many bush roads. We hunt both private and forest land. We have over 50 heated tower stands in Alberta
mule deer hunting alberta canada Alberta Canada Mule Deer Hunts
We offer rifle mule deer hunts in November. We hunt 80% spot & stalk. We are very selective in the deer we choose to harvest. These deer are from a 170-190 class with an average for the year of 180.
alberta canada waterfowl hunting Alberta Canada Waterfowl Hunts
You will enjoy goose hunts & duck hunts along the North Saskatchewan River in eastern Alberta We have ample shooting and quality shooting for each hunter so that hunters will reach bag limits more often.
Alberta Moose Hunting
We offer a moose hunt / black bear combo during the rut sept 25th - oct 5th, a november moose hunt and a moose hunting / whitetail deer combo hunt in the farmland during the post rut when the moose are found in bachelor groups and the whitetail are in the rut. This is an exciting hunting adventure with a chance at two Alberta trophies.

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Waterfowl Hunts
3 Openings for Waterfowl - September. 27-30
3 Openings for Waterfowl - October 21-24

Whitetail Deer Hunts
4 Openings November 9-14

Whitetail Deer/Mule Deer Combo
2 Openings November 22-30

Whitetail Deer/Moose Combo Hunt
2 Openings November 1-7 or November 22-30

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2013 Archery Bear Hunt

2013 Hunting with the Louisiana kids!
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